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Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Step by step to add your google analytics to your blog

Almost two weeks without blogging tips post. I know I am being a bad girl these days, but I swear my schedule is hectic. I have just started a new semester in college and between blogging, college and studying I haven’t had any time to learn anything new with you guys. Anyway, in this post as you guessed I am talking about how to add google analytics to your blogger blog.

Most of you know how to add google analytics to your blogger blog or you already added it, but to those new fellas in blogging (like me) with no experience in computer other than the ordinary usage, I finally grasped the importance of google analytics and even after I did, I couldn’t add it to my blog. I couldn’t understand how to do it and when I searched the web I found nothing, but thank god for the invention of Youtube (total life saver to me). I found a video talking about how to add it to your blogger blog. It is an old one, but you would grasp a little bit from it.

When you sign up to google analytics and add your blog there, that’s no it, you would have to add a tracking code to your blog. If you read what it says, it will go on something like this (add this code to every page in your site) and I was like, what?! I couldn’t understand how to do that. I have tried like adding any html to my blog, an html sidebar and still didn’t work. I was really devastated, I thought maybe they meant adding it to every post and every page on my blog. I just gave up, because I wouldn’t add this code to every post I do, it will be really tiring. Finally and thank god I knew what they meant and it is really easy. All you have to do is follow this steps and you would be ready to use google analytics.

A simple way to add your google analytics to your blogger blog

First you have to log into your google analytics account. If you don’t have one, you have to make it and then add your blog to it.  That is the easy part. Once your blog is added you would go to admin in the dashboard above.  Then select your blog. On the side bar there is tracking info and under it is tracking code. Select it and you would find the code in the area I shaded it, copy it.

How to add google analytics tutorial to your blogger blog

Then you have to go to your blogger dashboard, select template and edit html. Search in your html (ctrl+f) and search for </body>.  Just above </body> paste your tracking info. Click on save template and your google analytics is attached to your blog.

Hope you found this post helpful for you, if you have any suggestion about next blogging tips or something you can’t do in your blog, leave it in a comment, I would love to help.

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