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Monday, March 21, 2016


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My top five selection from cocomelody's wedding dress.


What do you see when you imagine your wedding dress? I can tell you what I see when I imagine my wedding dress. I can only see that I am wearing a backless wedding dress. Ever since I have watched twilight breaking dawn and saw Bella’s wedding dress, I fell in love with the backless theme of backless wedding dresses. Well to be honest I fell in love with backless wedding dresses in general, but I think I am saving this to my wedding and my wedding dress. I don’t really care about the front of the dress as much as the back. I don’t care about the material of the dress as long as it has backless theme.

So when COCOMELODY contacted me and told me about this post I couldn’t believe it. It is like they knew me and knew my inner fantasy on wearing an open back wedding dresses. Once I got the email from them I went to their site, no, I dove into their site and saw all beautiful wedding dress and choose the most five dresses that I liked and I wanted. Here are my favorite five dresses from there. 

Lace backless wedding dress from CocoMeldoy

For those who love lace dresses, this dress is what you need. I love how simple it is and it would make any bride look amazing.

One shoulder backless wedding dress from cocomeldoy

I love the idea of combining between the backless theme with the one shoulder theme. I think that what makes this chic sheath dress so unique. 

Sheer backless wedding dress from CocoMelody

This Graceful sheath dress is my second favorite in this dresses. I love the feminine touch of sheer and combining with it being backless I think it is the most feminine of them all.

Backless wedding dress from cocomelody

 This dress is my absolute favorite. I love it so much. It is my dream wedding dress. It is simple, beautiful and so feminine. It really make any bride looks like an angel.

Vintage backless wedding dress from CocoMelody

That dress is so pretty with the vintage touch of it. I don’t know, but when I saw it, something pulled me to it and I knew I had to include it in my list. 

A discount code from Cocomeldoy on wedding dresses above $300

I have an amazing news for you guys. COCOMELODY is offering you a discount code on those dresses with more than $300. I think it is a great deal, so all you have to do is enter this code when purchasing the dress of your dream and you will get some dollars off.

I would really love to know which dress is your favorite, or better yet, visit their website and tell me which dress you love the most from there.

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  1. You are absolutely right that every brand has some unique characteristics. If we talk about wedding dresses then it’s really hard to find out if it is a branded dress or a cheap replica. We have booked one of iconic Chicago wedding venues and now looking for dresses and other arrangements.

    1. I hope you find your desires of weddings.