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Wednesday, March 23, 2016


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Your prom night with yoins

Simone Rocha pale pink dress
15,420 EGP - net-a-porter.com

Cut-out shoes
370 EGP - yoins.com

Lace clutch
265 EGP - yoins.com

Crystal glasses
88 EGP - yoins.com


Prom might be the second important night in any girls lie, it comes just right after her wedding. As much as we pay attention to details when it comes to planning our wedding, we should also pay the same attention to the very delicate details in the prom night. I hadn’t had the chance to go to my prom and I can’t say that I was sad about it, I was actually happy and content, because it happened after we started college. After a year of graduating and I am one of those girls who get so busy when I am in college and school, so I just missed it, but even in Egypt, prom is so important. I saw my friends paying visits to tailors to produce the most beautiful gowns. I saw them do new hairstyles in order to look fresh in it. I think the only thing I missed from not attending my prom was this, getting ready.

I always prefer long dresses. I think it gives such a feminine look that any girls wants and dreams of, but when I saw this dress I just loved it and I thought it is really the dress that would flatter any girl’s body and would be comfortable during her long night in prom. If you are following me for quite a time, you would know that I am addict to blush color, even before spring came, even in winter I loved blush and mixing blush in every look I make or wear, if not in my clothes, you would see it in my makeup and if you follow me on polyvore ( I am s_thinks, you should check me out) you would know that the most used color in all of my sets is blush, followed by black. So this Simon Rocha dress is beautiful to me and if I to attend another prom, I would definitely wear it.

What about you? What is the dress of your dreams when It comes to prom? Or what was your dress during your prom?