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Friday, July 22, 2016

VIDEOS WORTH WATCHING: Getting in control and creating space

Don't waste your time and watch this video from ted ex, you will love it.


One thing you need to know about me is that I am an addict to YOUTUBE. I have officially discovered that youtube is way more than just music videos, last year, by simply searching for some hair styles to try. But then I discovered one channel and then the other and now I spend most of my day surfing through YouTube. From makeup tutorial, to news channel to one of the greatest people on earth, Elletube.

With a lot of videos that are uploaded every day, it is hard to find a video that is really worth spending your time on; especially if you are working or studying and simply don’t enjoy the luxury to spend your precious time doing nothing that will bring use to you. So I thought about sharing with you each week a video that I think that is worth your time, which will bring knowledge to you in some way or another. So it is a new week in VIDEOS WORTH WATCHING FRIDAY or as some people call it VIDEOS FRIYAY.
Who doesn’t love ted talks. To me, ted talk is all about motivation. If you asked me about what keeps me motivated or what is my motivation list. I would totally mention ted talks in the first few items. Other than they totally motivate me, I find that they give a very vast knowledge of information starting from the history, to the space and the future studies, so they always keeps my mind busy and working. This video is all about how to create space and peace from your mind. I totally grantee that you will like and it would totally be worth your time.

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