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Thursday, July 28, 2016


Best relationship advice coming from LOU and WILL from ME BEFORE YOU, read here to find out what is their advice


I think all of us, hopeless romantic girls, out there agree that ME BEFORE YOU book or movie is one of the best stories ever written in the history of the romantic world.  But if you have read it or watched it for only one time, you will just enjoy it, but there is far beyond this heart shattering story out there. I tell you this from experience. I have read the book a couple of months ago after watching the movie trailer and I have just finished the movie. When I read the book it was just pure enjoyment. I loved it and I cried my eyes out, but watching the movie, made me look deeper into the story. It made me look deeper into the relationship between Clarke and Will. And for the first time I can honestly say that there are lessons learned from this story.

One thing I learned this year in college is the concept of perceive which is how a person would interpret what happens around him to match his thoughts, knowledge or ideas and this review on the movie or these lessons learned is totally from how I perceived the movie to match my thoughts these days. Anyway I hope you enjoy my thoughts and please don’t forget to leave a comment with how you found the movie or the book or if you agree with me.

So, I think I have mentioned in the previous post that I am currently in a relationship and that I have found that it takes so much effort, effort that I thought I shouldn’t put before I started the relationship and I kept wondering is this nature or not, but I swear while watching the movie, I knew relationship is nothing but effort made from two sides to actually accomplish something. If you got why will loved Lou and why Lou loved Will. I think you would totally get my idea. In the beginning Lou did her best for Will to be happy and he was. He was happy enough that he wanted to repay the favor and make her happy too. They done this to each other for months. They put so much effort in their actions to make the other person happy, at first to repay their actions and then later because their own happiness depended on the other person’s happiness. Even in the end when he was dying, she went to him, to make him happier in his last days and if that is not love, I am not sure what else can love be.

So yeah, I was watching this and I think I got my answer on the million dollar questions, What is love? How can we make the other person love us? How can we keep love on fire between us? All of these questions have one answer which is putting effort for the other person and try to make him better and happier every day. This will just make you and your partner so happy and in love.

We have this saying in Egypt that love comes after marriage because you would be living together and blah blah blah. When I was young I thought they meant because you will be spending so much time with someone, so you would have to love him and by the way, this is the worst thing to be said. Love doesn’t come with time, love come with the effort that you would be doing in time. I can spend a million years with someone and neither of us are putting effort to make this relationship works and hence, we will never fall in love. And you can spend just one month with someone trying to make him/ her happy and you will have him/her as an enduring lover for the rest of your life.

Just watching the movie today pushed me to try more in this relationship. It pushed me to think about the other person before I think of my own happiness. It gave me hope that this happiness will be reflected on me.

Please don’t forget to tell me your opinion about the movie/book or even just my post in the comment section down below.

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