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Thursday, June 23, 2016


How to save your shoes and make them look like they are designer shoes


A while back I have received a collaboration offer from thirdlove with the idea of saving your staple. I loved it because it was really needed. I have always been the missy younger sister; whenever I would have a hand-me-down from my older sister that lasted with my sister for a lot of years, I would just ruin it after a month or so. I didn’t like this because sometimes I loved this item and wanted it to last a little longer and sometimes I couldn’t let it go, but it didn’t look as classy as it was. I started looking for ways to save my items and make them look like they belonged to designer stores.

Don't be afraid to wear your shoes often as you can save them with these tricks

 One of the tips I found online and really helped because it is really easy and can be done easily is how to care for your shoes. The answer was really simple. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO is to wipe your shoes when you take them off after coming home, no matter how much you are tired or how much you want to sleep, just do it. It will really help you have a very clean shoes from the outside and it will prevent your shoes from becoming black or have black dots from the inside.

Have your shoes look like a designer ones by these tricks

 I have just moved in a new home and I don’t have a closet in it and I don’t have a shoe wardrobe in it, so I use this shoe taker that is put in display in my room. As much as it looks amazing, it dust the shoes, so I have to dust them off every now and then and maybe once every a couple of days to keep them clean so when I wear them off, they look good as new.

A step-by-step guide to caring for your wardrobe essentials so they last as long as you love them

 I was recently introduced to an online bra retailer called Thirdlove, they created this graphic and included other staples that need a little extra TLC when it comes to keeping them looking great! A huge wardrobe essential is a great and comfortable bra which happens to be their speciality! They have also shared an exclusive promo code with me that I would love to pass on to all of you! Enter promo code STAPLES to get 15% off your next purchase! 

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