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Monday, June 20, 2016


Can death be better than living? Yes, find out here
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Yesterday one of my relatives died. The thing was when I heard about her death from my fiancé I was at lost in the beginning because her name was said but I couldn’t imagine that he actually meant her, that girl that is older than me by couple of years. When I heard her name I thought that there is a mistake, that he didn’t mean her, because people this young don’t die or that what I thought or more importantly that what we like to think.

Our minds work in a way that thinks that we are immortals, that we are forever young. That we have a long life to live and a long way to give, but the truth to be said, today may be the last day you will live in. Or moreover this moment while I am writing this might be the last moment in this universe for me. But if you talked to anyone or most people, including me, you will find that nearly no one thinks of this, even thou we know that it is true someway and somehow.

After I came back from this shock I realized that this moment changed for me everything. A moment before I heard this news I was hesitant about something and I was at lost about what decision should I take, but after this, it is like everything became clear before my eyes. I made the decision so easily, because of one simple fact; the past is past and the future is unknown but what you are sure of is the present and the present is the biggest present you have ever received from god. Why should I waste my entire life fearing the future while I can just enjoy the present?

I have also realized that death is beauty for the person who died and for us the people who are dead while still breathing in this life. Death sometimes can be better than living we just need to live so when we die we could enjoy our death.

Hi everyone, sorry for making such a sad post or about something so fearful, but I had to share this thought with someone, maybe someone would have a clear moment like me, maybe would help someone taking a decision, however small it is. But most of all maybe it will help someone being alive after being dead for some time.

I hope you all remember that you are alive and breathing and thank god for it. For more posts and ideas about being alive and free from addiction of society, please follow me on bloglovin’ , pinterest , twitter


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