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Thursday, April 7, 2016


For every coin there is two faces and I believe that life is just a coin, the same coin, but with two faces. I believe that you are the one who can choose which face to look at. You can see the good face or life or you can see the bad face in life.

Sometimes I wake up and I open my eyes and see the world as the most beautiful thing ever, when I say the world, I mean everything. I can see the sun as a god and the flowers as dancers dancing and welcoming me to this life, I can see my face as the face of a goddess. I can see life as you can never imagine, but other times, oh don’t let me start with those other times. The sun that I see as god, I see as hell itself. The flowers I see them as parasites to the street or something that prevent me sulking around. The face that god blessed me with, turn to a face that I can’t stand.

I think all of us goes through those two cases. I know that we all do. What make us find the world so bright some of the days and so dull and dark during other days is an unknown. No one can predict when he is going to be down or when are we going to be up, but one thing for sure that we the dull and dark days can be cured and turned out to be the most brightest days of all time.

These are the ways I overcome the bad days in my life and turn them into the most beautiful, positive and the brightest days ever.
  1. I write five things that happened to me that day that is good. Five things that you appreciate for the day, every day. This way you will always have to see the positive in this world
  2. Listen to music, happy music and dance for a little while. Believe me this is the most effective way for me.
  3. Write journals and let everything out.
  4. Remember that there are some people who are really in bad shape, and that you are alive and well
  5. Write a list of all the good things in your life, have ever been in your life and good things that you want to be happening in your life.

Which face of the coin did you see today? Which face would you love to see every day? And most importantly, how do you convert the face you see into the positive face?

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