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Wednesday, February 17, 2016



White blouse
97 EGP - yoins.com

Topshop jacket
955 EGP - topshop.com

Blue jeans
175 EGP - yoins.com

Heels & pumps
210 EGP - yoins.com

Leather handbag
24,545 EGP - runway2street.com

Jules Smith long earrings
710 EGP - shopbop.com

                   CURRENTLY I am reading WHY MEN LOVE BITCHES, which is a great book by the way, so if you haven’t read it yet, I advise you to grab a copy and start reading it. The book talks about how to become the dream girl for men in general and I believe that all the lessons that the book tries to teach us, revolves around you have to be you and never change who you are in order to try to impress someone. I totally agree with everything that is been said in this book and moreover coming to think about it, all the successful relationships I see are by girls who does this, who stays herself all the times and not let a man change who she is.  The reason why I am talking about this book right now is today I am sharing with you an outfit to wear in a last minute date.

                      Generally I wouldn’t recommend or like the idea of a last minute date, but let us say we love the feel of spontaneous and we agreed on going on a last minute date. One thing that we are all worried about is what to wear. First we have to make decision that the way we dress is just for us and for us alone and not to impress someone, so as long as you are happy with what you are wearing, then just go for it and never worry if the guy you are dating doesn’t like it. So that how I styled this look. The only thing I thought about is what I would love to wear and what won’t take time for me to wear. Of course being a casual addict I preferred to go with jeans. I styled it with this yoins blouse and here what makes this outfit a little bit dressy, I added a fur jacket. I know that a lot of people wear fur in their everyday looks, but to me I prefer it as a dressy item in my closet. I also added a black pumps just to add the girly look in this outfit. I chose this colorful bag because I liked how it added color to this look.  As I said before I am an earring person thus the long golden earrings.  

And remember AN UGLY PERSONALITY DESTROYS A PRETTY FACE so focus more on your showing your personality in dates more than your look.