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Thursday, February 18, 2016


Nice things comes to those who waits

        HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF the saying that says good things happen to those who waits? This saying is true, but sometimes it is taken with other meanings. What this saying means (at least in my dictionary) that we have to have patience and then good things will happen to us. It is like planting a seed. This seed won’t grow to be the tree you want in just one night, but sometimes it takes year to grow to be the plant you wanted to grow. Everything takes time in order to happen, nothing good happen overnight.  You want to be someone with a certain personality; it will take years of practicing and enhancing your beliefs to reach to be that person. You want to start your own business; then you would have to wait to see that business grow to be the business of your dreams. But the main things in order for those things to happen is to work for them. In an older post, THE SUCCESS FORMULA, I said that reward equal to the effort you have put in that thing. So you have to work in order to achieve your dreams, but your dreams would have to take some times to be achieved.

       Don’t rush anything, when the time is right, things will happen. You would have to work for what you want, but don’t rush the result, when the time is right, you will find the reward or the prize of your effort. We have a saying in Egypt, one that mom keeps telling me, put your best effort in a thing and don’t put in your mind what the result will be, leave that to god to deliver.  So I guess we have to do our best and don’t rush the result; it will come sooner or later.



  1. Hello Esraa,
    The journey is the reward - that's how I translate it. Living day by day in the present, not in the past neither too far in the future.