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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Argyle Pink Diamonds And Their Rarity

Image  by List Fender via Flicke

Have you ever heard about Argyle pink diamonds? These beautifully-colored gems are very rare and are mined in the North-West of Australia by Argyle Diamonds. But, these beauties aren’t just known for their sensational color, they also offer exceptional investment potential.

Why Argyle Diamonds Increase in Value Year Upon Year

On average, the pink diamonds have increased as much as 20% every year over the last decade. There are a number of reasons for this, including:
• Rarity – Argyle pink diamonds are extremely rare, and anything that rare is always going to valuable. The more exclusive or rare something is, the more it tends to increase in value.
• Demand – The demand for Argyle pink diamonds exceed the supply, and that moves the price higher. Each year, the demand for these diamonds increases while supply reduced. You can check the Argyle pink diamonds at The Diamond Jewellery Studio.
• Scarcity – Argyle Diamonds has moved mining operations from its original above-ground mining operation to underground. As the diamond mine continues to move towards the end of its lifespan, the amount of pink diamonds decreases. What’s more, the number of high-end Argyle pink diamonds is also decreasing, adding to the increase in prices.

How the Diamonds Get Their Colour

While some of the diamonds from the Argyle company are indeed pink, not every single one is, since pink diamonds are so rare. In most instance, the Argyle name is actually used as a brand name. The company has even gone as far as to develop its own grading report for its pink diamonds along with a unique color chart for a range of Fancy diamonds.
So, how do the diamonds get their color? The unique conformation of these diamonds can be attributed to a volcanic pipe which is usually referred to as the Argyle pipe. The pipe is made of olivine lamproite. When the volcanic pipe erupts, minerals like kaolinite, micas, clays, and zeolite interact with the diamonds during their formation. Further, many Argyle diamonds have very small amounts of nitrogen impurities. However, the majority of the color is tied to the structural defects of the crystal lattice.

The Intensity Levels of Argyle Diamonds

When it comes to Argyle pink diamonds, the 4Cs still apply (namely, carat, color, cut and clarity) just as much as they do to other diamonds. However, the Argyle diamond company has devised its own system for grading color. This system divides the pink diamonds into four categories:
• Pink 
• Pink Champagne
• Purplish Pink
• Pink Rose 
The pink diamonds are then graded according to their color intensity, which ranges from the highest – 1 – all the way to the lowest – 8.
Usually, the Argyle pink diamonds that are found in the mine are sort of a bubble-gum-shade of pink with an excellent appearance. The rarest color of all Argyle diamonds is, interestingly, red.
Argyle pink diamonds are incredibly rare and come with a hefty price tag, but they are certainly unique stones that make for one-of-a-kind jewelry.