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Friday, December 1, 2017

The hottest trend for 2018, RED and how to wear it | اكتر لون موضة لشتاء 2018 و ازاى تلبسيه

These are some ways you can use the hottest trend for 2017|2018 in your daily outfits, for those who are afraid to use red, don’t worry, I got you with a couple of looks and those are brave enough, don’t worry, I also got a couple of looks for you.

أطقم لاستخدام أكتر لون موضة لهذا الشتاء. اللون الأحمر للناس اللى مش عرفة تستخدمه. طرق لاستخدامه ببساطة ة و طرق أخرى لاستخدامه فى كامل الطقم.

Shop these looks

First look
Leather jacket https://goo.gl/tew4Zo

Second Look

Third look

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