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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Wedding Guest Style Guide

Without Further ado, if you want a trick or two about how to look your best in wedding, then keep on reading.


Hello people, how it is going? I am almost done with my exams and I can say that this week has been great so far. Maybe it is because it is the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan. Spiritual vibes and the belief is stronger than ever and feeling the huge power of the creator to help us achieve our dreams is in the air. I don’t know what is it that makes me feel this good, but I wouldn’t complain.

So, I was given the idea by The Black Tux, a site that offers wedding tuxedo and suit rentals, to spread a message of the guidelines to wedding guest style and I said yes, I would love that, duh. I have been a guest to a lot of wedding, the perks of having lots of cousins. So, yeah, I have picked a thing or two out of the million wedding I have attended in my life. Even when my friend was getting engaged, she called me to ask me about what to do and what to wear, because I have got experience in this field.

Without Further ado, if you want a trick or two about how to look your best in wedding, then keep on reading.

I would say that my first tip, is to combine your style with the culture and tradition of the wedding place and people. Like my family is a very traditional and religious one, so, whenever I go to a wedding for one of my cousins, I would dress a more modest dress, or wear tight under it. This is very important because you are showing that family of the groom and the bride that you respect them.

My second tip doesn't invest much money in the dress. I always thought it is funny, that we invest in a dress we probably going to wear once ( I wear occasion dresses once and that is it, it is done) and when it comes to the everyday clothes that we wear over and over again and we would need something that would last, we don’t invest in them. But my advice, if you know a good place for dress rental, totally go for it, otherwise, find something that looks great in a cheaper way, like I do.

Third tip, when in doubt go in black. If you feel doubt about anything at all, does it suit the occasion, the time, the place or even your body, go with a black dress, a plain one. This way you will never look out of style and from my experience, you would always look stunning.

The fourth one is when you shop for a cheap dress online and you have no idea what the material looks like, get a black color of it. Black hides bad material and anything wrong with it or with your body. Believe me, I would know.  There is a reason where 90% of my dresses are black.

The fifth and final tip is not to sweat it. It is crazy how much time we spend worrying about how would we look and if we would be the best-looking ones or not, and the truth is, no one would notice you enough, to remember what you wore, a week from the wedding. So, if you bought a dress and it wasn’t the best one, wear it, don’t mind it and don’t put in your mind that people wouldn’t like you or not, ever one is living in his own head and worry about how he/she looks, so they don’t have enough power to worry about how you look. Don’t worry babes.

So, you will find above are some tips for different wedding types and occasions, so I hope you like it and find it useful.

Also don’t forget to visit THE BLACK TUX, because I have read their mission and story and this is a great service for any bride and groom to be. PS, this is not a sponsored post, by any mean, I really liked their mission and find it so helpful, so I wanted to share it with you, my loves.

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  2. Very nice tips, it is indeed hard for the guests to figure out what to wear. And RSVP-ing is very important too!

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