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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Face Your Fears (Bodycon Dress)

Face Your Fears (Body Con)

McQ by Alexander McQueen body con dress
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Jean jacket
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Versace lingerie bra
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Moschino sneaker
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Rebecca Minkoff handbag purse
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Warehouse resin jewelry
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Alexis Bittar band ring
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Sole Society hat
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A week ago I received a very interesting email from DIA & CO about a campaign they are spreading called face your fears. I immediately fell in love with it. It is very close to my heart, because of a couple of years ago, I was overweight, very overweight that you wouldn’t recognize me now after I lost all of this weight. Even though I lost all of my weight I still have all the fears I had back then, should I wear this? Does this suit me? Would I look ridiculous wearing this? Will it make me look fat? Will it make me look short? I had this fence preventing me from wearing the trends that I really wanted to try.

Then I received this email that had this idea about spreading the message of wearing what you want to wear and FACE YOUR FEARS.  I wanted to be a part of this. I wanted to be a part of showing women that you have the right to wear whatever you like and stop caring about what other people would think.  Because after all, you have got one life to live it to the fullest and that there is nothing to fear. I need you to ask yourself what is the worst thing that can happen to you when you wear something and it turns out not so great ?and that it doesn't suit you, nothing right? The max is that you will look stupid, but no one will remember and you will wear the thing you always wanted to try.

So, I will start. I am going to wear a bodycon dress. A trend I always wanted to try, but I couldn’t and I wish I would wear it. This trend is so beautiful, one of the sexiest, if not the sexiest trend that has been in the fashion world.

Because I have been overweight, I have always suffered from insecurities when it comes to my body, even now that my body is in great shape, almost hourglass, I may stop and think maybe I will look fat in this outfit. I still feel conscious, where it comes to closed. And nothing will show off your body more than bodycon dresses. It shows off every detail in your body, so I had been hesitant about wearing this, it has been so hard to put my body out there when you still feel a little off when in it comes to your body. I took this step and said no more of this. I will wear this because it will make me happy. I started already and most of my outfits are fitted tops because they suit me the best and bodycon dresses are ready for me next summer.

What about you? I am inviting you to join this campaign and face your fears when it comes to wearing your most wanted to wear the trend. So leave a comment with what is this trend and even better, wear it and hashtag it with #faceyourfears. I can’t wait to see what you guys wear.


  1. I love that you are facing your fears! I did the same thing a couple years ago about bodycon dresses. Then one day I did wear it and posted it on the blog. It wasn't as bad as I thought!


    1. I bet you looked great. You have such a great body, hourglass and perfect.

  2. Love the dress and the rings.
    We really have to face our fears, otherwise we'll be hiding, missing opportunities and we can't get to know ourselves

    Thank you for the visit. I'm following you via gfc. And on bloglovin too ;)

    1. Thanks for the follow. I'll follow you back now.

  3. Thanks a lot :D

    Absolutelly cool combo my dear :D Totally in love with the jacket. I want it!

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