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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Interview With Serena From Admaiorasemper About How To Look Sexy

Hello Serena I am so excited to interview you on my blog today. Today is a very special day because we will be discussing Sexiness topics and your tips and tricks to reach them,


Hello Serena I am so excited to interview you on my blog today. Today is a very special day because we will be discussing Sexiness topics and your tips and tricks to reach them, so before we begin this interview would you like to introduce yourself and your blog to all the readers?

I’m Serena and I’m 27 years old, live in Rome, mother and working full time. My Blog Ad Maiora Semper  was born three years ago with the intent to enclose in it all my passions from writing to photography, from fashion to make up, from art to music, from food to health. In these three years I got to know many people, to collaborate with many companies and gain experience that I never thought to do in my life. It helped me to grow and to become the woman I am today, although there is still some way to go.

Great, now let’s begin the interview.

Let me pry a little bit, are you in a relationship? If yes, for how long?
No, I do not have a relationship for about 5 years are single. My priority at the moment is the welfare of my child.

You know since you are a single mother, I would love to know how do you feel sexy? Why don’t you tell us the little things that you do that gives you this feeling?

Let's face to be sensual is an innate gift of all women, there are special things that I do to feel this way but I can tell you that I do everything to feel good about myself. I take care of my body in every detail. Every day I carry out a physical activity that is called work out it lasts 30 minutes and it helps me define my body and keep it toned. As for my use of hair products that help me to make them brighter my favorite product is the BB Cream Creattiva that not only helps to shape the hair as we prefer but it makes them more healthy and shiny. As for my face using very few products I try to do more and scrubs in the evening and use very little makeup so as not to burden my skin. All these actions help in some way to increase my self-esteem and to make me feel more beautiful and it is from this certainty that comes the sensuality of a woman.

Can you describe to us, your go to sexy outfit?
Definitely a black dress with a sweetheart neckline that wraps the torso and stays soft on the sides. I love clothes that have inserts of lace or tulle, which create a game I like to call: I do not see. A shoe with a high heel helps a lot to slim the figure of every woman and to make it even more sexy

Can you recall a compliment coming from a male that made you feel a little sexier?
I do not like vulgar compliments I find them particularly out of place, the compliments that strike me are those sincere. When a man makes me a compliment I always tend to look at him because it is from them that you understand everything and it is also through them that a simple're beautiful can become an intense compliment.

If I asked you to share with us advice about feeling sexier with all the lovely ladies out there, would you do it?
Yes, sure!

I have talked a lot about the sexy looks and outfits, but you know I always think it is the personality that defines the person, so what is it in your point of view, is the sexiest character any woman should have?
I fully agree it has the personality to define and thus to define the degree of a woman's femininity. There are women who can be sexy and sensual wearing a simple pair of jeans while others with all the efforts of the world will never arrive. if you had to think about the features that make you feel and be a sexy woman I would answer that everything is also in behavior. The way of moving and walking has a heavy weight on the scale of sensuality. My advice is to try to always be ourselves in our simplicity without attributing behaviors and ways of doing things that are not ours, each of us is sexy in their own way. Another important thing is definitely the feeling comfortable in our bodies will not be able never to pull out your femininity and your sensuality if you're not comfortable with yourself even putting the sexiest dress appariresti the world just how you feel strange and clumsy.

I also want to know the character that you think all the women should stray away from?
We should stay away from stereotypes, there is nothing wrong in admiring someone, but we can never be like them.

Since you are single for the time being, may I know the sexy quality you are looking for a future partner?
They are attracted by mere men. I love men who make me laugh and make my days more light and carefree I also believe that there is nothing sexier than the smile of a man and of his eyes. There are eyes and smiles that can leave you open-mouthed.

Last thing, where can we find you online?

It was great interviewing you and always fun. Hope you enjoyed it too. I hope that you have a great day you and your son.

             Thank you very much again for choosing me for this interview is a real honor for me.


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