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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Modest Minimal Items That Are Essential For Your Wardrobe

Modest Minimal ItemsT hat Are Essential For Your Wardrobe

Jaeger loose sweater
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Splendid crew neck t shirt
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Marni cashmere coat
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Current/Elliott destroyed jeans
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Yves Saint Laurent lace up shoes
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Nicholas Kirkwood loafer
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In case you missed the first two posts “5 60 SECOND MODEST MINIMAL OUTFITS AND HOWYOU SPICE THEM UP WITH WATCHES” and “GET THE MODEST LOOK: MINIMAL + MODEST +CLASSY”, I am dictating this week, entirely for Minimalism and sharing different ideas and items you can buy and adopt to look your best in the simplest way possible.
Today’s post is all about essentials and I am a big believer that essentials vary from one person to the other and I still believe this way too much. So since I adopted minimalism last summer and started searching on the minimalist style and these kind of topics, developed this idea about the things that I love and want to have in my wardrobe and especially that they will save me way too much time and I would enjoy wearing them and the list is not much, it is very little and now I look in the picture above I find that the picture actually summarize what I wear in a daily basis. I change it from time to time, but mostly these items are the thing that I wear most of the time, if not all the time. So here is the list and I hope you enjoy it. 

1.      Light jeans. I don’t know what is it about light jeans, but they are amazing, I love them. Maybe it is the light color and my mood for the light colors and maybe because they are trendy or something.
2.      White shirt. Hello! This is not just a minimalism essential, but it is a wardrobe essential. I don’t really need to talk about this one.
3.      Black top. Since it is winter, my essential is black turtleneck. My most worn piece of all time. It is classic, make you look skinnier and it will go with different jeans shades, pants, skirt and not to mention different occasions.
4.      White sneakers. Type minimal style and you will see why this is essential.
5.      Black shoes. Again with the wardrobe essential. Black shoes are essential because it works with all types of outfits, occasions, styles, colors and simply they are your life saver. Someone said, when in doubt wear black and this couldn’t be far from the truth.
6.      Black coat. This one is a winter essential. If you need a coat, invest in a black one which will work on everything and will save you tons of money because you would only need one, so my advice invest in a good black coat.

I would love to know what are your thoughts about wardrobe essentials, it doesn’t have to be a minimalist one, simply the things that you have to have in your closet and you replace them very often, so please leave this in the comments down below and let us have a discussion.

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  1. I love minimalist style and you nailed it with this post!


  2. The post is great! I really love your photos :)


  3. I totally agree. white tee and a black top are both timeless classics....and can we even imagine our lives without a good pair of jeans?


  4. Loving this! Such a cool outfit :D
    Have a lovely week!


  5. I agree these items are amazing and will come in useful, great blog post :)


  6. lovely look