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Wednesday, November 2, 2016



I am so happy today. Today is not just another blogging tips from me that I have got from my experience. Today, I am bringing another great blogger to tell us all about her experience in the blogging world, her inspiration and her advice to all of us. Today I will be interviewing Cintya from SAY CINTYA. But wait no, we won’t have an interview, but we will be chatting together and I’ll be knowing her better and you too guys.  Please make sure you go and check her blog SAY CINTYA to enjoy perfect fashionable wearable looks.

Hello CINTYA, thanks for doing this chat with me. I was so happy when I saw your email that you accepted it. I won’t take so much from your time, so let’s right jump into it.

Why don’t you tell us more about your blog?
Well, SAY CINTYA is a blog mostly shares about beauty. Including beauty products review, makeup, tips and any beauty articles. Sometimes I write about fashion and my personal life too.

How long have you been blogging?
A year, actually. The first post in my blog is written a year ago, on 8 October 2015. But then I haven’t written anything after my fifth post. I’ve started blogging again on February 2016.

What inspired you to start SAY CINTYA?
I read beauty blogs since 2012 when I’ve started falling in love with makeup. After that, it seems like I always hunt for bloggers review before buy anything. It really helps to decide whether I’ll buy a product or otherwise. Hence I thought to do the same thing for my readers. Share my honest opinion based on experience using the product. I hope it helps others too.

What was the hardest step in starting a blog?
For me, it was hard to get my confidence to start my own blog. I thought that you have to be very pretty or photogenic one to be a beauty blogger, meanwhile I was a shy girl and not that pretty too. But then I found that if you are not that pretty, at least you can give good and useful articles for your readers. Yep, I may not be very pretty but I can write something useful for my readers.

What is the thing that you enjoy the most in blogging?
So far I enjoy everything in blogging. I enjoy how my blog grows up day by day. I enjoy writing and taking photos for my posts. And the most I enjoy in blogging is the interactions with my readers and blogger friends. It’s so fun for having a lot of friends in a giant blogging world.

What is the thing you enjoy the least in blogging?
I’m not sure since I really enjoy my blogging time, but sometimes I have to gain my mood to finish my blog post (sponsored post which has deadline). I will only publish good quality post on my blog, so sometimes I must work until late night for that.

Do you take your own pictures, or do you use a professional photographer? If you take your own pictures what camera do you use and what program do you use to edit your pictures?
Mostly I take my pictures by myself or with tripod. I ask my sister to help me taking pictures for outdoor OOTD photo only, but for product pictures I always do it myself. I used Sony CyberShot but I broke it weeks ago and honestly, I haven’t bought the new one yet, so I use my 13MP smartphone camera ^w^
I have to admit that I wasn’t confident using only smartphone camera. But we should be creative, shouldn’t we? So, with good lighting and technique I try my best to give the readers great pictures. I photoshoped my pictures to adjust the brightness / contrast only.

Who is your blogging rule model?
Wendy Cheng a.k.a Xiaxue. She is a Singaporean blogger and youtuber. I adore her since 2013. She’s talented and naturally funny though has controversial and provocative style. We have very very different style in blogging but I learn how to be myself from her. That’s why I choose not to act like her or other person on my blog.

Can you tell us what captures you the most in other blogs? Like what do you like the most about the blogs you follow, so we can take care of those details that captures other bloggers?
I like any bloggers who interacts with other bloggers and their readers. Besides, I like following blogs that give a lot of honest information and inspirations from the writer. That’s why I always try to stay connected with my readers by replying their comments and blogwalking. I will do my best to write good post too.

Where do you want to see your blog after a year?
I have no specific place for honest. Of course I want my blog to be famous. But the most is I just hope that my blog will has more loyal readers and I can write more informative posts to them. So when people needs beauty information, they will say, “Let’s find it out on Cintya’s Blog.”

I would like to know how you manage your blog with working/studying and in the same time having personal/social time?
This is a hard question, dear. Honestly, I think I don’t manage anything in special way. I’m not into a-scheduled-person so I just let my life flows on. I do it when I want it.

I know that I want to know and everyone else would also want to know, what are the five advices do you give to those who want to start a blog?
1.      Be confident with yourself though you are not a professional blogger yet. Don’t worry you’ll learn a lot during your blogging journey, it will come the time when you’ll be a pro blogger. So, be confident and start it!
2.      Don’t stop writing. You may have very few readers and no one leave comment on your first or second post. But, don’t give up. Increase your writing skill so that you can make much more useful articles for readers.
3.      Be yourself and honest. I have some blogger idols, but I can’t write my blog with their styles because I’m not them. So, write your post in your own way and style. You’ll much enjoy that. And be honest with your post, especially if you are a beauty blogger wannabe who will review beauty products. Give your readers your true opinion about the products.
4.      Do blog-walking. Yes, it’s very important to promote your blog, find awesome blogger friends and get inspiration from other great blogs.
5.      Always open for critics and advices.

Can you describe your blogger voice or blog voice in three words?
This question makes me confused. Actually, I still have no idea about my blog voice. Maybe... Friendly, simple and lovable^^

Thanks so much for answering those questions. But I have one more questions. Where can people find you on social media?
You can find me here:
Catfiz : @saycintya
(write your social media links and any other links you wish to add)

I would really love to know what you think of this post in the comments down below. Till next time, bye. .

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