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Monday, September 19, 2016


These are the things that will make you have a healthy relationship with your friend.


How many friends did you have when you were young? How many do you have now? I bet that when you were younger you had more friends than colleagues, but now you have colleagues than friends, but why is this? Why do we tend to lose friends over time and by time you also lose our trust in friends and friendship? I am just like you. I lost friends and I lost my trust along with my friends. I used to blame my friends and say they are bad ones. I didn’t choose good friends. They betrayed me and my trust. But now, everything is different. My prospective in life is so much different and the way I see my friends now are different than before and now I have a lot of friends and I don’t blame anyone when they hurt me.

So what changed? What made me be like this? Simply I knew the right definition of friends and simply they are people we tend to spend time with, who shares same hobbies, studies, likes or anything. Simply I realized that in the end of the day, friends are not family. They won’t stick around forever. They won’t protect you with their lives when time comes. They won’t help you with everything they got, like any member or your family would. This is what we all forget at first, that friends are not raised the same way as we did. That they will always choose themselves over us. They might hate us one day because of a miss of understanding. Not like a miss understanding that might happen between you and your sister, your sister would be mad for some time, but in the end she will always forgive you and love you, that she would never hate you.

The thing about friends is that we put too much trust in them and we forget that they are human, if they saw an opportunity they will take it, even if it would hurt us. They might not want to hurt us, but they want themselves to win something, it is human nature. We might tell them our darkest secrets, but they would have to tell it to someone else, and that person would say it to other and so goes the circle, till you find your secrets with someone you have never met before. Or maybe they will just realize that you are not perfect from your secrets and will end your relationship with them or maybe something would happen and you are no longer friends and then they would use everything they got on you and you will end up hurt.

We are all have been there and we all tend to think that now we are good, now we choose better and those friends we have will never hurt us, but the thing is the other friends were once the good choice and you are just ending up to lose friends and become a victim, but what if all this can change? What if you can change yourself not your friends? I’ll tell you what, I did this and I ended up having a lot of friends and a clear head and a safe heart.

I’ll tell you my secret. The secret to a healthy friendship is to remember that at the end of the day, they are friends, not family. That they have different mind and culture other than what you have. The secret is to never say that this friend is like a sister to me and act like she is a sister. THE SECRET IS TO SET BOUNDIRES IN YOUR FRIENDSHIPS. Just don’t tell a friend all of your secret. If you don’t want anyone to know, then don’t tell anyone, not even your friend. You never know what happens. Don’t show this friend every aspect in your life. Remember that your friend is an outsider after all, so show her the same thing you show to anyone else, nothing more. Lastly be prepared that she might hurt you to win something herself, or that she might go out of your life. These are the things that will make you have a healthy relationship with your friend.

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