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Saturday, August 20, 2016


The list of rules that society has installed a long time ago is way long and one of them is How society would want you to talk. Find out how here


WHAT SOCIETY WANTS from us is a very long list of things. It is often known as cultural and traditions and when you strive away from those traditions, you are often seen as wrong and sometimes you become the forbidden person in your society. It is hard to keep up with these rules and still do what you want. It is almost impossible to please yourself and the society in the same time. At least these things are hard for me, for others it is piece of cake and can be done without thought. In the same time you can never say that you are right and they wrong or the other way around. There is no right or wrong, there is just an easy way around it and that is to follow the society rules and take your daily fix of society.

One of the things that society wants from you is to talk as they would want you to talk. They would want you to talk in a certain language, certain voice tone and even say certain words.  For example here in Egypt society would want you to talk in Arabic, but not any Arabic, but the modern Arabic language and to say the cool words that are up to date, because if you said a words that is not that modern they would consider you old fashioned. Also society would wait for you to say a lot of English words in the sentence, but not too much, you wouldn’t want society to see you as a rich person that is not from around here. If you are a female, then it is harder, society waits for you to speak so soft and what we calls here in Egypt a Lebanese kind of way, but still you have to be a little bit aggressive because otherwise you would be seen a burden and not a strong girl, but keep in mind you don’t want to lose you feminine touch when you talk aggressively because in the end of the day, you are a girl.

The way of speaking is not the only demand that society waits from you, society waits from you to say what pleases them, the exact same words they wants to hear. Your family waits for you to say that you are so happy with things that doesn’t makes you happy, in a relationship your partner waits for you to say that you want to be as he pleases or that you are sorry for a mistake you didn’t do and usually not a mistake, but what society doesn’t wait for you to say is complaining about the things you don’t want in your life or say your dreams that are considered too good to be true or just think out of the box. Your parents wouldn’t want to hear that marriage is the last thing in your mind and that finding the job of your dreams is more important.

In the end of the day What Society Wants Is Not To Be Yourself.

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