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Wednesday, April 20, 2016


MY favorite feature is my petite body

By Malene Birger v neck blouse
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Etro cropped trousers
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Lace up sneaker
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Forever 21 vegan handbag
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Summer is almost here, well I can consider it already here in Egypt.  Spring is kinda not existing in Egypt, we have winter, maybe couple of weeks in spring if we are lucky, but after a month or something the weather is so high that is considered summer already. And even if it is spring for most of you, summer is at our doors already and we need to get ready.

So this summer I know that I am going to work, same as last summer. I am this kind of girl that can’t last more than a week staying at home and I need to find work in the summer or I am going to die out of boredom.  So One thing I know for sure that I need to stock my closet with work wear that works in summer.
Summer is all about bright colors to me, just like spring is about pastels and baby pink and baby blue.

Summer is about bright colors, neon, oranges, greens and whites, anything is great to me. Anything to lift up my sprit to match the summer feeling.  So when I wanted to style a work wear for the summer I choose this Etro cropped orange trousers.  I know that this is a strange choice for a work wear, but I love it. I styled it with a white shirt to make it more wearable and to lighten up the intensity of the color.

What is your first choice when it comes to your summer work wear look? I would really like to know. So leave it in the comment down below.  

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