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Friday, February 12, 2016


Don't know what to get for your Girlfriend or wife? Here are my top five jewelry recommendation

HERE WE GO AGAIN, another year and another Valentine’s Day. It might be yay for some and oh no for the other. Especially the male in the couple. As we all know, men are from mars and women are from Venus and searching for the right gift for the other party is one of the hardest mission on earth. I mean it is so easy to buy a gift for my girlfriends, as I know what they will love and prefer, but helping my friends deciding what to buy to their lovers are like accomplishing mission impossible.  I am sure it is the same for men and they find it hard to decide what to buy for us, women.

If you haven’t bought your gift already and freaking out, because time is almost up, don’t worry. Thanks to uncommon goods, it helped us find gifts for her and him in the same place, so you won’t have to search in multiple site on what to buy for your beloved, but you will just have to navigate through this site only as it has a wide variety of ideas in one place.  Not to worry this site offer a worldwide shipping to their goods and also it change the price according to your currency so you won’t have to calculate how much money does this worth in your currency.

I have loved most of the pieces in this collection which are necklaces and also these inspirational jewelry are just amazing, who wouldn't want to wear something that keeps inspiring them.  I have made a list of what to buy as a last minute gift for her and here are my top five recommendation from their jewelry section.

Last minute valentine's day gift for your beloved

I am an earring person. I have a huge collection of beautiful earring and wouldn’t mind adding this LIVE WELL EARRINGS to my collection. 
Get your girlfriend a classy earring as a valentine's day gift

 I found this Wire Wrapped Druzy Earrings so beautiful and lady like and pretty sure a lot of women would find it like this too.

Search no more for a valentine's day gift for your beloved, because here to have my 5 top recommendation for gifts for her

That Mixed Metals Bar Necklace is so cool and could be worn a lot and on many occasion, definitely a must have.

No woman won't like this simple necklace, so buy it for her as a birthday present

My gosh! this Parent Nestling Necklaces is so cute. I love birds and anything that remind me of nature. 

get a  beautiful necklace for your beloved this Valentine's day

I got to make a confession. I loved this Past Present Future Necklace mainly because of its name and what it can represent in any relationship, so I am pretty sure, if you got that to your beloved and told her that necklace represent your past, present and future together, she would just swoon over you.


That’s it guys, these are my top five recommendation for last minute Valentine ’s Day gift for her, would love to know which one is your favorite in a comment.  



  1. I love those dusty earrings! So pretty. What a gorgeous collection.

    XO Chelsea http://www.shesaidhesaidfashion.com

  2. Would love to receive any of these as a VDay gift, they are all lovely!


    1. I hope you do receive something as beautiful as these on your VD.

  3. ! I love the idea of the interlocking rings of eternity

  4. Oooh super nice jewelry!

    My post: http://cristinamartinezmakeup.com/welcome-everybody/

    Enjoy, C.

    1. Glad you liked them and thanks for stopping by.

  5. Those piece of jewelries are perfect for a gift to her.
    Lovin it

    Happy Valentine's Day!

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