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Tuesday, February 2, 2016


This is the best free blogger template you can use for your blog

IF YOU HAVE VISITED my blog a week ago and then visited it now, you would have noticed a huge difference in my blog design. A difference that I am loving and in the same time so proud of.  So how did I exactly get this difference? I thought to get a blog that look as good as the one of the best fashion blogs, I would have to actually pay someone to design it for me, and that I can’t do it myself because I am no programming expert.
But I did search for free blogger blog templates and found this one and it was everything I dreamed and more.  What I love most about this blog is the minimalist design and in the same time it is so responsive and user friendly.  You can also cancel the widgets you don’t need.

So here is the list of what this template offers and I used and loved:
  • ·         Top navigation
  • ·         Top social icons (easy to add)
  • ·         About me side bar
  • ·         Social icon sidebar
  • ·         Share buttons
  • ·         Similar posts
  • ·         Customize the colors of the site to your personal preference.
  • ·         Instagram footer.
  • ·         Huge width
  • ·         Minimalist Design
  • ·         With Slide Show or without a slide show as you wish.

As I said this template is a dream come true. I have tried other templates. They might have been good, but they weren’t suitable for me and for fashion blog. One of them was GLAMS UP template, also a favorite of mine, but it was hard to customize.  From that site you can search for other template, if this design wasn’t suitable for you.
Also the site provides you with some assets along with the template itself which shows you how to install it and customize it to your preference.  
Here is the link from where you can download it for free.  THE VOUX FREE TEMPLATE FOR BLOGGERBLOG.


  1. Congrats on your new blog design! It does look fab and I love the minimal design as well! Well done!
    Much love from Paris!
    xoxo, Vanessa

    1. Thanks so much. Hope you have great time from Paris.

  2. ooo nice I should take a look!