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Wednesday, January 13, 2016


you are wondering which platform to use to start your blog, Read to know your answer

When I have first been introduced to blogging like seven years ago and didn’t have the slightest idea of what was going on. I thought that blogs take a professional to be that much amazing. Little did I knew that designing a blog can be so easy and cheap, like you won’t to have spent a penny on it, but these days after a massive reading on how to design your blog I discovered that it is quite cheap and easy to design your dream blog, so keep on reading to find out how.

In this post I’ll talk about the first step or the base of blogging which is choosing the right platform. Of course any blogger knows about the two most known blogging platform which are BLOGGER and WORDPRESS, but which one is more suitable for you. You may find some people are using blogger or wordpress or maybe changing from blogger to wordpress, but the thing you got to understand blogging is like trends, you have to adapt which suits you best.

·         The most important characteristic about blogger and the main advantage is that it is free. You won’t have to pay a penny to have a blogger blog.
·         It is connected with other google products, so it will provide you with already installed widgets that will help you a great deal.
·         Designing your blogger in blog is free; unless you paid someone to do it for you, but you can totally design your dream blog for free and it is so easy, you will find a tutorials that will help you a great deal.
·         In the cons side you can say that blogger is old, no new updates has been going on it sense a very long time.
·         Blogger is owned by google not you, so at any time google decide that it will no longer operate it, you would lose your blog.

·         Wordpress on the other hand is up to date and it gives you this super ultra-modern look.
·         It is easier to use than blogger.
·         It provides you with a complete ownership over your blog.
·         Wordpress would have been great if it weren’t that expensive.  This is the worst and disadvantage of wordpress.
There is wordpress.com and wordpress.org
WORDPRESS.COM doesn’t demand money, but on the downside, you would have to choose between certain themes and you can’t change anything in your blog, from fonts or colors or the size of your picture, it provides you with no control over your theme’s look.
WORDPRESS.ORG You would have to pay a yearly payment to have it and then you would have to design your blog from scratch which will demand more money.

Before I started this blog on blogger I tries wordpress.com and discovered that at least blogger provide you with the ability to design some stuff in your blog, so I have changed back to blogger, especially that I am a broke college girl, lol.

BUTTOM LINE, If you are broke like me, get yourself a blogger blog, I will show you how to get a sophisticated look out of it. If you want to spend money on blogging, Wordpress is better for you and I totally recommend it. 


  1. Great post, the pros and cons to both are very helpful!

    1. Thanks so much, glad you found it helpful