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Tuesday, January 5, 2016


what made me start blogging

 Whether you are into fashion, décor, beauty or even programming you have crossed over a blog or two during your internet surfing. Blogging became one of the most popular sites ever, in all fields and if I talked about myself, I can honestly say that 99% of my internet usage involves blogs whenever I need something, maybe not watching series and movies, but even reading the reviews of them; I do it on blogs.

I first been introduced to blogs and fashion blogs, to be exact, when Kayture had started and I was a fan and still am a fan (love her and her team to the core), but then I became obsessed with blogging that I started searching how to start a blog, what make blogs successful and what is the cheapest way to start a blog and I did start two blogs before this one; the first one was MY ADDICTION TO BOOKS AND COFFEE it was all about book reviews, but I found myself want to talk about fashion more and even styling my blog to have this look of fashion blogs and then I started THE PHARAOH FASHIONISTA, but some stuff happened in my life and led me to delete it. But deep down in my bones I knew that I have to start this new blog because when I look at the future I totally see me doing this for the long term. It is my life goal so life just takes twists and turns and then I get back to fashion blogging.

SO when I started this blog I already knew what to do when it comes to styling the blog and designing it. I decided that one of my posts every week will be about #bloggingtips where I share with you guys every tuesday a tip or something I learnt from the time I spent blogging. To start I am doing this series #blogdesign where I’ll show you how to design your blog from the navigation to the footer. If you have any questions, post it in a comment and I’ll be happy to help.

PS this picture is not mine, I founded it one day and I saved it on my computer, I guess it was from thrifts and threads, actually yes it was from thrift and threads, also one of the best bloggers, I thought I should just mention this.